Reply to questions related to Principles, Core subjects, Stakeholders, and Priorities. Get your own Sustainability Core Report.

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TheSustCoReport tool is anonymous and free of charge, without log-in and based on core and a stakeholder engagement module.

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Approximately 60 questions based on standards such as ISO 26000, UN Global Compact and UN Sustainable Development Goals, without free text responses.

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The report is generated in PDF and includes valuable graphs, a summary of your unique contribution to sustainable development.

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You know your organization and act on the results in your own way. Good luck with your sustainability work! SustCoReport offers a couple of alternatives on your way.


Free of charge.

  • No log-in required
  • Main principles
  • Main core subjects
  • Stakeholder evaluation
  • Priorities
  • Report in PDF
  • SustPrio

The four sections of the report

The report

The report presents your replies in the four areas Principles, Core Subjects, Stakeholders, Priorities. You download your report and decide how it can create value in your work for sustainable development. We connect your data in graphs, for easier reaching of conclusions.

You can use the report in both internal and external communications, and as a first step towards sustainability reporting. With your unique SustCoReport in hand you can credibly claim to have started identifying your most significant contributions to sustainable development. A foundation for identifying new risks and opportunities. The rest is hard work through policies, procedures and improvements, but that you already know.

Anonymized data from your report contributes to develop SustPrio, an attempt to show that also small and medium-sized companies and organization contribute to sustainable development in a very important way.